Light Your Patio: Indoor/Outdoor Rechargeable Table/Floor Lamp


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Light Your Patio: Indoor/Outdoor Rechargeable Table/Floor Lamp

Product information: 

The Light Your Patio rechargeable lamp is designed for Patio and Camping enthusiast.  It packs away nicely, offers a long lasting battery, and gives any setting the perfect lighting.  It’s bright enough to read by, dimmable for the right ambience, offers energy savings, and gives portability in a unique lighting package.  Also includes a remote.


  • AC/DC 12~24V Bi-Pin
  • 3W (24×2835 SMD)
  • 400 Lumens – Warm White – 2,700 k
  • 360 Degree Beam Angle
  • Battery: INR18650E-2000-3350mAh / TYPE 3.7v, 49.58 13.4AH    Input 5.0V 1.8A  Output 3.7V 2.0A
  • MAX = 400 lumens – 100% …………. 17.5 hours battery life
  • HI = 280 lumens – 70% …………………. 24 hours battery life
  • MED = 160 lumens – 40% ……………. 39 hours battery life
  • LOW = 80 lumens – 20% ……………… 72 hours battery life

Battery Saver mode:

  • When at 100% last 200 hours will charge down and mimic D batteries. When the battery is at 90%-20% Battery saver mode will adjust automatically to the charge time.

Battery life span:

  • 73 days 1,770 hours then will need to be recharged if not used in that time

Battery recharge-ability:

  • Battery charge and discharge to (2.9v) can circle 500 times where battery capacity decrease to 70%. When circle 500 more times decrees 30%.

Battery Recharge Time:

  • 3 / 8 hours this depends on what type of wall charger customer is using

Battery Recharge Reminder:

  • Lamp will Blink 10 times when turned on if the battery is 10% or less to remind the customer to recharge the battery before they sleep.

Weather Proofing:

  • Iron is Powder coated 3 times
  • PC223R Sabic Raw Materials with UV stabilized + Flame retardant
  • Sunbrella Fabric Glen Raven 5-year Warranty
  • PVC Using Anti UV and inhibitors and compounds. Passes test.
  • Battery housing is weather proof


  • Camping
  • Patio
  • Office
  • Desk
  • Nightstand
  • Camper

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