Geek Aire AF1S Indoor Desk / Floor Fan w/Oscillation and 4 Turbo Speeds


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If you’re looking for a table fan that is easy to control, look no further than the 8-Inch Oscillating fan from Geek Aire. This indoor fan includes many features that make your life just a little easier when you’re looking to cool yourself off. Small yet mighty, this electric table fan includes an intuitive smart screen and remote control, this allows you to customize speed and oscillation. You can also control 3 different modes as well, including smart, natural, and sleep mode to optimize airflow. Even better, you can connect this table fan to your smart home device, allowing you to control turning the fan on and off as well as the speed. This high-velocity fan can be used throughout all seasons of the year. Accelerate your indoor air circulation in the spring or cool yourself off in the summer. This indoor fan also pairs with both humidifiers and heaters for fall and winter use. Enjoy having a reliable, easily controllable fan that can be used year-round thanks to this 8-Inch Oscillating fan from Greek Aire.



  • With 4 turbo-powered speeds and cutting-edge Vortex technology, this fan will blow all your summer worries away
  • Syncs with smart home technology including, Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Intuitive smart screen and remote control lets you customize speed, oscillation, 3 different modes, and an 6-hour timer
  • Room temperature display with AI Temperature sensor
  • Sleep Mode / Natural Wind Mode
  • Unique 3D oscillation pattern optimizes air dispersion with 90 degrees of up/down and 60 degrees of left-right movement
  • Smart mode automatically adjusts fan to meet temperature fluctuations

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 13 in




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