How does the LED module attach to the Lumirail?

The Lumirail is an aluminum extrusion designed to absorb and dissipate/manage the heat from the LED. In order to do this, and bring power to the LED, there are 2 narrow steel strips attached to the aluminum Lumirail. The LED module has 2 very strong magnets that attach the module to the steel

How is the heat from the the LED module managed?

The module has a sophisticated heat transfer pad on the back of the module that absorbs and transfers the heat to the aluminum extrusion from the pcb.

How durable are the LED modules?

The module design is patented using a unique attachment for the LED’s to the pcb. The connections are built to withstand robust treatment. The LED’s will last 35,000 hours.

What are the safety features? Do they stay cool to the touch?

The Agilux system is designed with safety built in. The ETL listed 24 Volt Class 2 constant voltage power supplies manage the power into the LED modules. This low voltage system provides one of the highest electrical safety ratings. Separately, the LED modules produce a tremendous amount of light. The high output LED’s use very little power and at 10 Watts are very cool to operate.

Can the Agilux system be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, however the outdoor applications should be covered and not subjected to direct rainfall or other projected water.

Are the Lumirails connectable?

Yes, the Lumirails can be connected using male-to-male connectors or using power splitters with connectors.

Are the LED modules inter-changeable?

All the modules are inter-changeable and can be used mixing lumen levels, colors, and beam patterns.

Is there a limit to the number of modules I can use on a Lumirail?

Yes, There are 2 protective features built into the Agilux system that installers need to be aware of.

First, the Lumirail is an aluminum extrusion with specific design properties that will dissipate the heat away from the LED’s and the pcb. Each Lumirail has a maximum wattage capacity rating label. This is the total wattage of modules combined that can be used on the Lumirail. For example, the 24” Lumirail can accept up to a maximum of 36 Watts. In order to protect the LED’s from potential overheating, there is an integral thermal protector that will cause the modules to automatically dim until the the Lumirail cools down enough.

Second, the total output wattage (24 volts x X amps) of the power supply determines the total combined wattage of the modules that can used. If the modules sense an undersupply of power (too small of a power supply), they will blink. For example, if a 48” Lumirail (max capacity 72 watts) is used with 70 x 10 Watt modules, but only a 45 Watt power supply, the modules will blink indicating not enough power available to light them all.

I love the lights – where do I start? Do you have kits?

Yes, we have pre-designed kits often used for low lumen level applications, like undercabinet lighting. These are available in 18” and 24” versions with varying lumen levels. Keep it mind, with most installations, you can always modify the power supply and total lumen levels by simply adding and interchanging components. So if your design requires add’l lumen output or complicated connections, call us, we’ll be happy to talk you thru it.

How do I install the Agilux system? Do I need an electrician?

If you’re not familiar with local electrical codes and requirements, we would suggest consulting a professional electrician. Depending on your market area, we may be able to recommend a qualified installer. However, the Agilux system is relatively simple, with very safe dc connectors, and most installations can be done with a reasonable understanding of electricity. Check out the YOU Tube videos on the site.

What lumen levels do I need?

This depends on the application and certain preferences for brightness and color. Watch for our coming expanded kits for other applications and general illumination level recommendations that will be provided.

Can these replace existing fixtures?

The Agilux system can replace existing fixtures with using remote mounted power supplies or drivers.

Are the 11W 800 lumen dimmable?

Not these. We do have another version that is dimmable. Requires a dimmable power supply and 0-10V dimmer.

Do the 11W 800 lumen come in a 3000k color temp?

Yes, those are dimmable.

Do you have any that are narrow beam patterns?

Yes, we have a 30 degree and 60 degree version in 11W 800 lumen.

Is there anything in between 200 lumen and 800 lumen?

Yes – 7W 400 lumen 5000k for task lighting.

Do you have other mounting options?

Yes, hanging adjustable cable, pipe clamps, and magnet accessories.

Are these connectable?

Yes, we have male-to-male connectors, power splitters and double-ended power feeds available.

Are the metal strips on the face of the Lumirail safe to touch?

Yes – see facebook. Kids safe! It is a 24V low voltage CL2 power supply – the safest available and you can touch the strips with no problem even when it’s turned on.

Can you use these outdoors?

Yes, under covered eves and other like areas.

What size power supplies are available?

45W and 90W. 90W is the max for a CL2 power supply.

Is there a limit to the number of modules I can apply to the Lumirail?

Yes, for heat purposes up to 18W per 12” sections, so 1.5W/in. up to the maximum rating of the power supply.

What lengths do they come in?

12”, 18” , 24”, 36” ,48”, and 72”.