LED exhibit lightYou want every advantage possible while fighting for attention on the trade show floor! Lighting (or lack of lighting) has a profound effect on any trade show exhibit. Display LED lights are an incredibly simple and effective addition to your presentation.

Here are four benefits to utilizing display LED lighting at your next exhibit booth:

  1. Eye-catching brightness.

LED display lighting provides beautiful illumination that showcases your trade show booth. Many trade show floors receive only ambient light from fixtures that can be as high as 30 feet overhead. Your carefully organized and otherwise flawlessly executed booth could suffer from what is an easily preventable problem!

  1. Dependable and tough.

Display LED lights last longer than other traditional options and you will rarely experience a burnout during your trade show. Even after those long 4-day shows, your display will be brightly lit and attracting a crowd (while your competitors’ booths might start looking a bit worn down). Agilux LED lights are made to last – they are incredibly durable and some say even difficult to break – a valuable trait in any travel lighting system you wish to use over and over again!

LED lighting for exhibits

  1. Easy installation.

When it comes to lighting your trade show booths, you need a lighting system that is not only easy to install, but is also adjustable to accommodate your needs. Agilux LED lights are made to create your own custom display lights by utilizing a unique magnetic modular light and rail system. The lights can be moved along the rail as easily as placing a magnet on a refrigerator – perfect for anyone who wants to make those little adjustments to their presentation on-site.

  1. Energy efficient.

Not only are display LED lights long-lasting, they are also energy efficient. They use much less power than traditional bulbs and are cooler to the touch – they won’t heat up your display and won’t burn you (or your potential customers!)


About Us: Agilux LED Grow Lights are easily adjustable by moving the magnetically attached Light Modules anywhere along the Lumirail giving you complete control of your lumen levels, color and beam patterns. Visit us at www.Agiluxusa.com