Connecting up your string lights?

Whenever using electricity outdoors, it’s extremely important to be safe. First, plug your cords into a GFCI outlet. Your GFCI outlet will help protect against a variety of potential electrical hazards. If your extension cord has any signs of wear and tear, do not use it, even if you are plugged into a GFCI outlet.

When using multiple extension cords or connecting other cords together, the connection points should be protected to avoid water, ice or snow from entering those. You also want to prevent pulling the cords apart while moving them around. The CordSafe cord connectors are a perfect solution creating a safe, long lasting connection. The CordSafe connectors take several different sizes of plugs and cords.


They are ideal for those LED awesome Outdoor String Lights. But, they are also popular on  job sites with tools or audio, Marine and RV applications. The CordSafe cord connectors are made of a durable, weather resistant plastic with gasketed entry points. Notice the image above, how easy it is to protect your cords and avoid pulling them apart.

BE SAFE – Get CordSafe!

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