When setting up a merchandise display, big or small, a designer must consider a variety of key characteristics when developing their lighting plan:

    • Attract customers. Grab their attention and effectively guide them through the store.
    • Make a statement. Reinforce brand and identity and give an impression about image and price range.
    • Create an aesthetically pleasing shopping environment. Provide a sense of comfort and well-being for the customer.
    • Show off the merchandise. Highlight features and displays, enhance colors, textures and forms while avoiding glare.

While all of the above factors are important in achieving great retail lighting design, the ultimate goal is to increase sales. Using lighting intelligently to enhance merchandise and create a feeling of well-being for the customer increases their readiness to make a purchase.

Rack Lighting

The rack lighting system should accomplish two things:

    • fully illuminate the merchandise, and
    • accurately display color and texture. With constant changing display needs, it is important to keep this system flexible, durable, and easy to install.

Agilux LED lights have a sleek design and are perfect for rack lighting. They are easily adjustable by moving the magnetically attached Light Modules anywhere along the Lumirail giving you complete control of:

    • Lumen levels. Add or take away light as easy as placing a magnet on a refrigerator. Agilux LED lights are also dimming capable!
    • Color. 3000K warm white to 5000K bright white.
    • Beam patterns. Coverage goes from very wide 105 degree flood to narrow 36 degree flood.
    • Mounting options. Hard surfaces, magnetic attachment, pipe clamp, cable hanging, and much more!


Window Displays

Every retailer is competing for the customer’s attention! The retail window is an opportunity to stand out and create stopping power that will make consumers want to come inside and invest themselves in the sales experience.

The window lighting should change depending on the time of day. During daylight hours, strong accent lighting focused on displayed merchandise will attract more attention. At night, using a low ambient lighting level, in addition to the strong accent lighting, will peak viewer’s interest.

Like the rack lighting, window displays are constantly evolving and showcasing new merchandise. It is important to consider a lighting system that is easily adjustable to highlight updated displays.

Case, Counter and Shelf Lighting

The most common way to light these spaces is to use small sources that are close to the display objects, but hidden from view. It is imperative to showcase products creatively to boost their appeal. Lumen levels should be 3-5 times higher than the surrounding ambient light, highlighting merchandise for easy evaluation by the customer. The light must be chosen carefully as to not distort or alter the look of the merchandise being displayed.

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