When you see clay pebbles at the home and garden store, you may automatically think of decorative landscape material. But do you know that clay pebbles are a safe and solid growth medium for edible herbs? A hydroponic system will let you grow herbs and micro greens for your family all year, no matter where you live!

Benefits of using clay pebbles in your indoor garden

If you’ve never tried growing an indoor garden before, a hydroponic system may sound a bit intimidating at first. Let us assure you, using clay pebbles in your indoor garden is incredibly easy and less messy than soil! There are many other benefits including a 30-50% faster growth rate, and fewer problems with bug infestations, funguses and disease. In general, plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants when your system has the correct lighting, nutrients, and growing medium to support and aerate the root system.

Getting Started using clay pebbles in your indoor garden

Herbs are easy and popular plants for new indoor gardeners first attempt. Try planting different herbs in net pots or trays filled with clay pebbles, then place the container in water mixed with hydroponic nutrient solution (found at any local garden store). If you can grow it in an herb garden, you can grow it in your hydroponic system!

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Clay Pebble Herb Garden

It’s easy to grow your indoor herb garden with a hydroponic system. Little maintenance is required and they can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter!


Here we used an ordinary mason jar in place of a traditional pot or container and clay pebbles. As you can see, the plant is thriving and beautiful! Clay pebbles doesn’t alter the pH of its environment significantly and it effectively retains moisture, making it an ideal medium for hydroponic systems.

Give clay pebbles a try in your indoor garden, and send us pictures of your project. (We’d love to post your project pictures to our LED project gallery.)


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