FLI Products debuted its first LED Task Light in 2016 and continues to innovate with its unique LED technology called Agilux. The Agilux LED module magnetically attaches to a Lumirail and is powered by a 24V constant voltage power supply. The Lumirail is a light weight, low profile, yet durable aluminum extrusion. It comes in lengths from 12”-72” and can be mounted to portable stands or any surface using the wide range of accessories including magnets, suction cups, and cables. It’s flexible for permanent use in the shop or for portable use on the job.

The Agilux LED modules come in several lumen levels, colors and beam patterns to allow customizing for any applications. Current kits are built for 900 – 7200 lumen output in 5000ºK color. The 24V platform allows for attachable batteries that can last for an entire day and be recharged at night.

The family of Agilux Stand Lights (right) offer heights from 24- 60”. The adjustable ball knobs and flexible goosenecks allow the user to position the Lumirails and LED modules virtually anywhere they need. The LED modules have a 35,000 hour life and come with a 2 year warranty.

To learn more about the product and the company, visit AgiluxUSA.com  You can find Agilux thru it’s distributors or if you’re interested in becoming a distributor, send us an email at info@agiluxusa.com