About Us

In 2013, Agilux . . . Agile (moveable) Light . . . was conceived and born from a combination of science, experience and persistence. With 30+ years of lighting history, we started developing LED lighting in 2006 as an OEM supplier and won the customer their first award from the Dept of Energy and the American Lighting Association.

Why Agilux? There are over 1.2 billion people in the world without light at home when they return from a days work. Studies show those people are less educated and live in poverty. Bringing light into their homes would allow them to lift themselves out of poverty thru education and developing small businesses. Our desire as a company is to “be a light” to our industry by transcending the business, and using the resources developed from commercializing a new LED Light source to bring affordable lighting to many of those 1.2 billion. By helping to update housing and educational facilities of Christian ministries serving this population, they will see the impact of energy cost reductions and improved operating expenses, which in turn stretches their resources to accomplish even more.

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